Emanuele Tozzoli

A sense of the sacred and ancient, transcending the barriers of art, music, and emotion to mingle between them all.

For Emanuele, each painting becomes the materialization of an introspective and extravagant world. His impulsive lines and purposeful censorship create scenes of adult fairy tales, all in explicit conversation with the symbols and rich saturated tones of Basquiat or Picasso.

Represented by ARTBASE, his works are also internationally shown in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Sydney and Amsterdam.

Origin: Italian, 1989
Medium: Mixed Media

10 Questions

How did you grow up?

I was born in Italy in 1989. I started painting very early in childhood, I studied in high school and then continued my studies as a sound engineer.

How would you describe the artist Emanuele Tozzoli?

Painter and musician. Very curious and certainly a bit crazy. Interested in the most hidden parts of human nature. Deep lover of art and every form of creative expression.

What lead you to start making art?

I have been attracted to every field of art since I was a child. I started to paint and create small sculptures by assembling objects very early in my childhood together with my father Dario, an artist who has been painting and creating sculptures with every type of material for over 40 years.

What are the roots of the topics of your paintings?

My paintings are the fruit of my unconscious and irrational part. Through my work method, instinctive and visceral, a deep connection is created between me and the painting. I let the paintings tell me hidden messages often decipherable after a careful analysis. I often realize what I have done only when the painting is finished.

How did you acquire your style?

My style is the result of a long research in every field of life. I studied and composed electronic music for many years as well as devoting myself to painting. This has had a huge influence on me and in my way of feeling and perceiving art.

Have you ever come across a piece of art that you could not or did not want to stop looking at?

Of course it happens very often to tell the truth, it’s something that happens to me especially in front of the works of the great masters.

What kinds of art hang on the walls of your home?

In my house I love hanging my paintings, those of my father, those of my girlfriend and those of my artist friends. In any case, the paintings of the people I’m most attached to.

Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration?

Many things inspire me, but above all to be immersed in nature. Feeling the wild and pure energy of nature that vibrates and cleanses you, charging you to a subtle level.

Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?

Colors, music, natural light.

If you could have dinner with 3 artists, living or dead – who would be at your table?

Picasso, Basquiat, Michelangelo

See his Artworks

Emanuele Tozzoli fuses themes of abstraction, cubism, and impressionism to create ethereal, viscerally intriguing pieces. Rich in color and emotive body, Tozzoli treats his creative process much like a writing a composition, with an awakened sense for the eyes that a pianist has for the ears. “I am fascinated by the compositional depth that derives from it. It’s probably something that I carry with me from music, a bit like mixing the sounds together in a composition.

With a background in music and art, Emanuele was bathed in creativity from a young age, “I started painting and creating small sculptures in the early years of my childhood with my father Dario, an artist who has been creating works for almost 50 years. Later I studied and composed music for many years and this had a big impact on my way of feeling the art.” His roots seem to have fine-tuned his senses, enabling him to be a thoughtful and sensual artist, transcending the barriers of art, music, and emotion to mingle between them all.

Through the tactile use of acrylics, spray paint, and oil pastels, Tozzoli births many striking impressionist scenes, where portraiture meets symbolism, and cubism meets color. Also experimenting with wall enamels and collage, Tozzoli plays confidently with the many niches and methods of expression.

Tozzoli describes his artistic process as a very instinctual and organic experience. “My working method is instinctive and visceral. I often notice that I have finished the painting only at the end.” His rationality is abandoned as he makes connections with his primitive eye and allows himself to enter the flow. He hopes that his works can “inspire and give feelings of freedom to those who look at them.”

His colorful and conceptual, often whimsically fragmented and faded works enable the viewer complete freedom and depth of perception to interpret and muse, his non-prescriptive style, and aura leave much to the interpretation of the individual.

For Tozzoli, art is an “instrument of awareness and indispensable knowledge”, whereby he can communicate and compose freely through unfiltered emotion, rooted deeply in his primeval artistic flow.

A sense of the sacred or ancient is brought forward in Emanuele Tozzoli’s method and works, he seems to tap into something quite otherworldly and spiritual in his organic practice, giving light to such rare and liberated visual evidence of a mind in complete dedication, passion, and oneness.

Kate Smith Minus37