MAX MALLENDER practices the idea of unlearning the use of objects in order to look at them in an unbiased way and create something new with them.

It is a genuine approach to materials, situations, textures, movements and spatial realities. He is a creative in the best sense of the word and, mutually dependent, a self-made man. Long speeches, half-baked theories, fixed concepts are for him synonymous with obstacles on paths that should be free.

Thus, in a broad sense, he is an artist with every breath, in every situation of life.

Sometimes, when he feels like it, he is also an artist in the narrower sense, and then something can emerge that is traded as a work of art.

To have to execute a firmly defined commissioned work could mean maximum punishment for him, to develop a so-called own handwriting with high recognition value seems to him probably as attractive as chewing old gum.

Whoever decides to collect Mallenders will in any case not have one thing: a boring collection.

Since there are few galleries in Liverpool, he starts to organise suitable places and advances more and more to be parallel an exhibitor for others and himself.

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MAX MALLENDER lives and works in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Since 2009 exhibitions, art festivals and residences have taken him to different cities in the United Kingdom and to Wiesbaden (solo exhibition at ARTBASE) and Berlin, Germany.


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