Sigrun Olafsdottir - Eveline Bergman - Ade Quercianera - Gilda Mautone

// GROUP SHOW //  5.September 2021 - 3.October 2021

Open on appointment daily from 11am-7pm
by call or e-mail

Tel: +4915111632540
Alt Auringen 40, 65207 Wiesbaden
The group show shows the latest production of the artists 
Sigrun Olafsdottir \\ Eveline Bergman \\ Ade Quercianera \\ Gilda Mautone 
In addition to the group show these four artists will also be shown at 
POSITIONS artfair in Berlin, from 9/10/11/12 September 2021
Each artist proposes a mini-cycle of their first work, summarizing their working theme in a "summary" of a few selected works.
Rich in color, arabesques and wisdom and a great wealth of applied techniques - this and more is the art of Gilda Mautone. 
To her, the world seems to resemble a vast marketplace, full of different characters, smells, shapes and sensations. 
From all this she draws and she reaches the inner core and mystery of the human soul. Eveline Bergman works seem to have sprung 
from dance. Her lines follow the energy of opposing or corresponding forces. Condensed, a superordinate rhythm becomes visible, 
which permeates and connects everything. As an Icelander Sigrún Ólafsdóttir is particularly aware of the dichotomy of the forces
and fragility of all being. Whether her sculptures fill entire squares or can be held in one hand, whether they are made of wood,
steel, aluminum or rubber, in them seemingly impossible balance becomes possible. Ade Quercianera combines archaic and 
futuristic elements. His works are dark, mysterious and emotional and at the same time of intellectual sharpness and 
not infrequently of black humor