Tanja Bergman

Painting the rhythm of the planet with its hills and seas and souls.

The central theme is the similarity of lines and rhythm between humans, animals, heaven and earth. The mainly applied Fresco Secco Art on canvas leaves the high-quality color pigments from all over the world their light intensity and original strength.​​​​​​​

Origin: German, born 1961
Medium: Painting

Tanja Bergman works in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin.

Born in Münster, Westphalia and raised in Düsseldorf, where she received her practical arts education by A. von Malotky (student of Joseph Beuys).

Master Artium in Publicism, Sinology and Latin American studies at Freie Universität Berlin. Longer stays abroad for study purposes (Zen and fresco painting) in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Ecuador, Italy and Spain. Her exhibitions brought her to Miami, Shanghai, Bejing and New York.

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'The works of Tanja Bergman vibrate with dynamism and liveliness. Her art of painting has something deeply musical. The powerful stroke in her pictures seems to have sprung from the dance, I can see the artist in her movement in my mind's eye. Here, one senses that the physical is transformed into energy and energy into something physical. Thus - the abstract pictures rise from the
physical out to a new level.'

Sasha Waltz Choreographer, Dancer, Co-Director of National Ballet Berlin