Cosmopolitan creating global characters, expressing rythm, tempo, gestures, mimics, archaic figures, nature, moods and ideas.

Raul travels the world, studying different cultures at the constant research of symbolic languages. What he gives back to the world is nothing less than an alphabet of mankind.

But not only that: instead of concluding it, he consequently reinvents it and keeps it open for new ideas, impulses, rhythms and humour.

Origin: Italian, 1980
Medium: Street Art & Paintings
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10 Questions

How did you grow up?

I grew up in Pescara, a small town on the beach, looking at the sea every day when I was young.

How would you describe the artist Raul?


What lead you to start making art?

A desire for freedom.

What are the roots of the topics of your paintings?

Primitve art, signs and symbols from ancient caves.

How did you acquire your style?

In Miami, I was there painting for 3 months without stopping, 10 years ago.

Have you ever come across a piece of art that you could not or did not want to stop looking at?

Almost always, art in general makes me so curious, from the past to nowadays.

What kinds of art hang on the walls of your home?

I collect art from young artists, but I also really love photography, my home is almost full, I don’t have space anymore to hang something.

Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration?

Nature is my best inspiration, but sometimes I like to lose myself around big cities as well.

Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?

Music, Music, Music – music is my fuel!

If you could have dinner with 3 artists, living or dead – who would be at your table?

Well, this is a very hard question… there are too many that I would love to have dinner with. But modern masters capture my curiosity most, so I’d choose Giorgio De Chirico, Cy Twombly and my favourite Italian artist: Mario Schifano.

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Raul’s Alphabet of Mankind is not legible in the classical sense, but people understand it. How can this be?

Despite the enormous influences, expectations and accumulation of knowledge of out time, he succeeds in preserving fine antennas for what lies below, in between, above everything, what comes from distant places or times or points to the future. Using speed, inner independence and gifted with a talent for the right beat, he escapes the superfluous and sets signs and conveys moods.

Comparative research confirms what the artist understands intuitively through his permeability to the world: the reservoir of the first signs seems to be independent of culture, ethnicity and history.

Whether children are growing up in the jungle, in the steppes, in high-rise buildings or by the sea, their first (still unintentional) signs, whether painted in sand or on paper, are always the same: horizontal and vertical lines, waves, circles, triangles, bows, drops, funnels. Archetypes that even blind children paint.

Raul plays with these basic figures which seem to be stored in our cells long before we assign meanings to them. Perhaps this is why Raul’s art language is foreign to us and familiar at the same time. His magic sign have the power to remember forgotten dreams and thoughts.

And as it always is: what looks simple builds on a lot of knowledge and concentrated action.

See his Artworks

Raul’s exhibitions are numerous in Italy and around the world. Just to name a few: Museo Gipsoteca Giudici, Lugano (Switzerland), Michetti Museum, Francavilla al Mare (Italy). Among others his art was at Art Basel Miami and in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Oregon, Amsterdam, Nanjing, Venezia.

Giacinto Di Pietrantonio invited him to take part in Fuori Uso “In Opera”. He can already look back onto important collaborations with other artist and high fashion brands.