Laura Fortin

Origin: Italian 1979


2020 ~ “Booming Art Fair”, Bologna curated by Maria Chiara Wang and Nicola Mazzeo, Galleria Rizomi, Parma

2019 ~ “Nativity flows” curated by Ivan Fassio, Pastis, Turin

2019 ~ “Ego Plant” curated by Eva Rakede, Atelier Rohling, Bern – Switzerland 2016 ~ “Lavagna”, Amantes cultural circle, Turin


„I deal with the feminine, body and mind. I try to say what women usually don’t exhibit, for convenience or for education. Unhappy protagonism, social anxiety, neurosis, estrangement, the loneliness of everyone’s role take place in almost two-dimensional spaces, nearly abstract but actually metaphysical. These works are songs of death and life, a ruthless female resistance not mainly feminist. These women are protagonists of sagging flesh and crippled looks far from their intentions but the underlying wonder saves them from that respectability and bourgeois void facade and wants to suggest that there is always a possibility of redemption within their look inside themselves.“

From: Laura Fortin

“They are women that Laura Fortin has crossed in her daily life and who have attracted her attention for their strength, for their ability to stand out in the crowd, for their way of placing themselves in the world. They are characters that arise from direct observation of reality, from a psychological and sociological investigation of the female figure. The artist’s hand is guided by the search for truth and individuality…… We could, therefore, speak of an anthropological vision of Laura Fortin’s pictorial practice…….”

From: Characters Play, critical text by Maria Chiara Wang