Jacques Gassmann

Renaissance man between occident and orient

Like a sailor Jacques Gassmann is gliding through this world. Maybe just therefore his work is full of elements of surprise, variety and a spirit of freedom and independence. He offers no simplified, singular and easily definable icons. His paintings flourish the viewers imagination with a wide spectrum of alternative narratives and interpretations. Jacques is a master of ink drawings – on paper, canvas and even on glass.

Origin: German, born 1963
Medium: Painting


Born 1963 in Heidelberg, Germany. Jacques Gassmann lives and works in Würzburg and Berlin.

In addition to his works in the German speaking region, his exhibitions brought him to China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Spain as well as the United States. Music is essential for his creative process and he likes to combine his exhibitions with live performances. This includes cooperation with many artists such as Christopher Chaplin (musician, UK), Elena Kats Chernin (composer, Sydney), Matthias Neukirch (actor, Berlin) and Natalia Wojciechowska  (ballet dancer, Warsaw).

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„Ogrody“ is the name of a patented technique of the artist.

“Ogrody” is polish for “Garden” or “Gardens”. The delight to the eye of density, intensity and brilliance of those all in green paintings cannot be shown digitally. The technique based on ink and hydrographics, combines drawing, color and pure coincidence.

Wherever he puts his focus on, cycles arise: Interpretations of religious texts (“Apocalypse”), natural disasters (“Natural Hazards”), interviews with pilots of the US Airforce during the second gulf war (“Supersonic”), medicinal herbs (“Viriditas”), satellite photos of coastal stretches (“Coasts”), figurative drawings (“Apart of me”), skies and landscapes (“Cielignes”). He is a sailor between occident and orient, as his art is at the same time intellectual, mystical, zen-like and emotional.


“Gassmann remains aware of the fact that there is no single unchangeable reality which could be perceived by detached contemplation. And consequently every goal becomes a point of departure for the next goal.”

Alexander v. Leszczynski Zeiger Supersonic Inspiration, Berlin 2002