Titelbild Jacques Gassmann

Jacques Gassmann

Origin: German

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JACQUES GASSMANN’s work is full of moments of surprise.
He does not offer simplistic, singular and easily definable content. His paintings and drawings fire the viewer’s imagination with a wide range of narratives and interpretations.
Jacques is a master of ink drawings – on paper as well as on canvas. His works can be found in Museums, big private collections and public spaces.
His art is at once intellectual, mystical and emotional, his formal language distinctive, inscrutable, unsettling and seductive.
In the combination of water, ink and India ink, collapsing lines, landscapes and figures have an enormous presence.
Art works of his cycles “Apart of me” “Coasts” and “Ogrody” have cult status. The technique of the “Ogrody” green he has patented.


2010 // Art Karlsruhe
2010 // Apocalypse Cycle in St.Stephan Würzburg
2011 // Burg Museum Miltenberg
2011 // Gallery Fu Xin Shanghai, Rom, San Diego, Miami
2012 // Gallery Fu Xin Shanghai, Bologna, Rom, London
2013 // Art Karlsruhe
2014 // solo exhibition Museum am Dom Würzburg
2014 // Art Karlsruhe
2015 // Dom Schatzmuseum St. Wolfgang
2015 // Art Karlsruhe
2015 // Art Week Berlin
2015 // Gallery Uterstaedt Berlin
2016 // Art Karlsruhe
2016 // Gallery Uterstaedt Berlin
2016 // Museum Burg Miltenberg
2017 // ARTBASE gallery Bad Homburg
2017 // Art Karlsruhe
2018 // ARTBASE gallery Bad Homburg
2018 // solo exhibition Agatha Leguern Gallery Warsaw
2019 // group exhibition ARTBASE gallery Wiesbaden
2019 // Art Hall Bad Homburg
2020 // group exhibition ARTBASE gallery Wiesbaden
2022 // Museum Karlstadt
2022 // solo exhibition ARTBASE gallery Wiesbaden

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