Jacques Gassmann

Origin: German 1963


Since 2010
ARTBASE gallery Wiesbaden (2020) Art Hall Bad Homburg (2019) ARTBASE gallery Wiesbaden (2019), Agatha Leguern Gallery Warsaw (2018) ARTBASE gallery Bad Homburg (2018) Art Karlsruhe (2017) ARTBASE gallery Bad Homburg (2017) Museum Burg Miltenberg(2016) Gallery Uterstaedt Berlin (2016) Art Karlsruhe (2016) Gallery Uterstaedt Berlin (2015) Art Week Berlin (2015) Art Karlsruhe (2015) Dom Schatzmuseum St.Wolfgang (2015) Art Karlsruhe (2014) Museum am Dom Würzburg (2014) Art Karlsruhe (2013) Gallery Fu Xin Shanghai, Bologna, Rom, London (2012) Gallery Fu Xin Shanghai, Rom, San Diego, Miami (2011) Burg Museum Miltenberg (2011) Apocalypse Cycle in St.Stephan Würzburg (2010) Art Karlsruhe (2010)


Like a sailor Jacques Gassmann is gliding through this world. Maybe just therefore his work is full of elements of surprise, variety and a spirit of freedom and independence. He offers no simplified, singular and easily definable icons. His paintings flourish the viewers imagination with a wide spectrum of alternative narratives and interpretations. Jacques is a master of ink drawings – on paper, canvas and even on glass.