Gilda Mautone

Origin: Italian\French 1974

Story of violence blood & a ladylike



Born and broad up in Salerno, on the Amalfi coast, must have an impact on a person, especially a sensitive one. The child’s soul knows it early: the world is beautiful! Full of smells, golden fruits, lemon candies and a sun going for a bath every evening wrapped by a red golden light before the stars sparkle simultaneously in sky and sea.In later years it will be a gift, a grace and a necessity for this person to be able to get in contact with this inner child again. This in turn keeps her connected with the source of creativity and opens her eyes for the magic values and myriad of possibilities in every place, in every person and every activity. For others this could seem surreal, but it isn’t. It’s just not obvious for everybody. For Gilda it is. Look at her paintings.They are rich. Rich in colors, arabesques, themes, aspects, empathy, wisdom and a great abundance of applied techniques


2020-2021 What We Want – ARTBASE Gallery – Wiesbaden
2020 “When the World sleeps“ ARTBASE Gallery Wiesbaden
2019 A&G – Via Ventura – Milan
2018 Future Stone – L-ART – London
2017 D&L – EC2 Space – London
2016 THEN ME – John Marchant Gallery & Eagle gallery – London
2016 B side – Via Ventura – Milan
2015 COLLISION – Italian Embassy of Copenhagen&Berlin and at Officina Temporanea Milan
2014 Revolution -Galerie nord – Berlin
Ventura Contemporary Art – Milan
2011 Four Rooms – Ujazdowski Castle – Warsaw
Prague Biennal – EXPANDED PAINTING INTERNATIONAL, curated by Giancarlo Politi, Helena Kontova, Nicola Trezzi – Prague
2012 Micro and Macro – Temp Gallery – Milan
Modern Talking – Museum of Art – Curated Nicola Trezzi and Daria D. Pervain – Cluj-Napoca
2010 Chi ha paura della pittura- Temp Gallery Milan – Curated by Giorgio Verzotti

Deutsche Bank collection
Naples art academy

Based in Berlin