Alessandro Sebastianelli

He dreams himself into the world, isolates some parts, looks carefully at them with loving eyes and assembles them in a healing and calming way.

While he incorporates different strains of important art movements as surrealism, realism, primitivism and naive art he also absorbs both the essence of places and beings he loves so well and the lessons he drew from emotional situations: tender, beautiful appearance can come together with the threatening. Pleasing mosaic-like patterns can be found around a belligerent wild animal.

Origin: Italian, 1994
Medium: Oil Painting
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10 Questions

How did you grow up?

My childhood was too happy to remember. My paintings live and breathe in it. I grew up in contact with nature, farm animals and my family. This has cristallised images, colors and sensations in my soul that are reflected in the shapes and colors that I love to compose.

How would you describe the artist Alessandro Sebastianelli?

A. Sebastianelli is an artist listening to his own internal, deeper intimate perceptions. Music, meditations, hypnosis, dreams, are the infinite creative source from which it draws to connect to people.

What lead you to start making art?

I have been ill with a psychosomatic ilness that has inevitably put me in connection with my deepest hidden nature blocked.

And communication.

What are the roots of the topics of your paintings?

My art was born as a cure for this disease and developed to make people find the love and warmth essential to live together.

How did you acquire your style?

I’m a self-tought artist, this has led me to the complete experimentation of techniques and perception connected to the invisible reality that i feel.

Have you ever come across a piece of art that you could not or did not want to stop looking at?

Yes. The piece of art that I can’t stop admiring is nature, especially those places, people or things, where beauty has been forgotten by everyone and everything.

What kinds of art hang on the walls of your home?

I really love to hang my incomplete paintings, but also photographs, prints, masks and sculptures. Any kind of art that arouses my interest.

Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration?

To be with my girlfriend Anaïs, do meditations, being in contact with love, nature, people, music, myself and life gives me constant inspiration.

Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?

Tarot cards, music and colours.

If you could have dinner with 3 artists, living or dead – who would be at your table?

Frida Kahlo, Antonio Ligabue, Gustav Klimt.

The rich facets of nature, dream-like pictures and mystical motifs characterise his compositions and the freestyle of using abstraction, representation and narration.

His paintings have a presence and charisma that one cannot escape.

See his Artworks