// SOLO //  1.July 2021 - 30.July 2021

Open on appointment daily from 11am-8pm
by call or e-mail
Regularly: Wednesday
from 11am-8pm

Tel: +4915111632540
Alt Auringen 40, 65207 Wiesbaden
The exhibition is a solo of Gilda Mautone an ItalianFrench multidisciplinary artist. The show is a selection of his latest works. 
Paintings, drawings, video, photos and sculptures


Rich in colors, arabesques, themes, aspects, empathy, wisdom and a great wealth of applied techniques - this and more 
is the art of Gilda Mautone. She seems to see the world as a huge marketplace, full of different characters, smells 
shapes and sensations. From all this she takes to get to the inner core and the mystery that may lie in the people 
and things around her. To get to this point, all artistic paths are right for her. She uses echoes of styles such as surrealism
art nouveau, pop art, trash art and fine art and techniques such as coloured pencil and felt tip pen drawings, acrylic painting
embroidery, knitting, photography and video art. Some of her ideas are wearable. They become really cool fashion art