// SOLO //  2.Juni 2021 - 29.Juni 2021

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Tel: +49 15111632540
Alt Auringen 40, 65207 Wiesbaden
The exhibition is a solo of Ade Quercianera an Italian multidisciplinary artist. The show is a selection of his latest works. 
Paintings, drawings , photos and sculptures
The multidisciplinary artist's palette is the colours of the earth: brown, umbra, black, beige, grey, green, marble white. 
His working method is also grounded: he always starts from matter. Often it is paper that he twists and turns, tears, crumples 
and smooths again. In this process, collages and sculptures are created under his hands. Sometimes they also become videos 
and photos. He likes to work best at dusk. In the twilight shadow play, the artist traces the various movements 
and gestures contained in the blank. In this phase he becomes a painter and works the contours and surfaces with paint. 
The final touches he does with pen and pencil as a draughtsman. This whole process radiates a great serenity, coupled with 
a dynamic balance of movement and proportion. As in the statues of antiquity, matter is transformed into something suspended,
immaterial, suffused with thought